Jerome Bloch (360DigitalHeroes): opening of the first Concept Store


2019 will be the "360DigitalHeroes" year with the release of the "GameofNumbers" application in January on the app store, the arrival of the 360BOX in February and the opening of the 1st Concept store in Luxembourg. Jérôme Bloch, CEO of 360DigitalHeroes, has agreed to answer our questions.

« In most firms, corporate culture is more like "strength" in star wars: everyone talks about it and no one has ever seen it before. »

Jérôme Bloch, CEO of 360Crossmedia 

Why a Concept store?

Building on our success over the past 19 years in Luxembourg and Europe, we are opening our first concept store for two reasons: first, to allow as many people as possible to discover our 360DigitalHeroes program, which makes it possible not only to create a magazine, webTV, app or website in 3 hours or 1 day, but also to solve the main business problems over the same period of time. We already sell these interventions in 8 European countries. Then, we wanted to create a unique space that will be replicated internationally, combining a meeting space with renowned experts, a creativity room and a video studio. We adress companies, co-working spaces and individuals wishing to boost their creativity and unleash their potential.

What experience do you offer?

The method we use is explained in the books "Illusion of Simplicity" and "The Game of Numbers". The concept store allows visitors to immerse themselves in this culture. In a nutshell, our approach gets to the point by breaking down big problems into small, easy to solve problems and focusing only on the essential. This method has worked wonders in recent years in companies of all sizes that lack time and sometimes budget. To a method where everyone swears only by co-working, we provide the "software" that allows us to obtain tangible results. The platform also allows companies to write, module by module, their own corporate culture. However, in most firms, corporate culture is more like "strength" in star wars: everyone talks about it and no one has ever seen it, which creates major problems of loss of efficiency and motivation.



What about the 360BOX?


The 360BOX gathers in a small box a concentrate of technology. It has been designed and developed to allow users to produce professional-level videos at an unbeatable price: some go as low as €10 per video per month. Its design and innovation are reminiscent of those of the IPhone: compact, aesthetic and easy to use by anyone. Simply plug in the power supply to become operational. You can make videos in live mode, which means you don't have to edit them. And if you want to stream directly to your Youtube account, it's also possible. All departments of a company can use it: the CEO, marketing, production, salespeople to create content for internal or external use. Feeding social networks or creating a co-learning program is a piece of cake. The icing on the cake is the "Live Show" feature, which brings together different people from different parts of the world on the same stage. 360Crossmedia, the parent company of 360DigitalHeroes, is in charge of the production.

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