SGG Crossroads: Sir Bob Geldof, Gina Miller and other prestigious speakers shared their perspectives on how the finance industry can contribute to a better society

29th of June 2018

The inaugural SGG Crossroads event, organized by SGG Group, a leading global investor services firm, was held in Luxembourg on 26 June 2018. The objective of the event, which was co-sponsored by Deloitte, Carne, ING and Baker McKenzie, was to create a thought provoking platform where members of the industry could reflect on how the financial sector could create a better environment for future generations.


In his opening remarks, Serge Krancenblum, CEO of SGG Group, commented: “I wanted to show the positive contribution of the finance industry on society in general and also inspire finance professionals with the outstanding initiatives of our guest speakers. There is a new generation of investors and finance professionals who do not only aim at maximizing profits but also want to have a positive impact on society.”                              


Mr Krancenblum highlighted that, at SGG, the objective is to create a better society and a sustainable business, two concepts which go hand in hand. Leading by example, he announced that he is pledging 10% of his future exit revenue to charitable causes.


Sir Bob Geldof explained how he was able to leverage his ‘rock star’ status for philanthropic ends and presented the genesis behind the Live-Aid and Band-Aid campaigns. “1 person spending 1 dollar is charity. A million-people spending 1 dollar becomes political, and the needle starts to tremble. With a further push, it brings about change,” he stated. He encouraged the public to consider investments in Africa, showcasing the results of his private equity fund – 8 miles – in bringing about positive impacts in the communities in which the fund invests.


Gina Miller, Founder and head of SCM Direct, a disruptive asset manager, called for much deeper transparency in the financial industry and an inclusive capitalism. “Divided capitalism has not created societies where people thrive. Our duty is to deliver a virtuous circle of value creation, customer confidence and self-fulfilment,” she stated.


Other speakers at the event included Nev Hyman, who presented Nev House, a sustainable social enterprise using recycled plastic to create low cost homes, Roelfien Kuijpers, Member of the Executive Committee at DWS NY, who made the case for increasing the interest of investors in responsible investments, and Myriam Vander Elst, Vice President and Head of Europe at EPIC, who underlined the changing nature of philanthropy and the need for transparency in this sector. In addition, Patrick Scheurle, CEO of BlueOrchard Finance, presented impact finance and how populations in the developing world can benefit greatly from access to financial services; Roger Hartmann, Board Member at Sqope SA, emphasised the importance of compliance and risk for the financial sector, while Itzik Amiel, CEO of The Switch, reminded the audience of the importance of human interaction in creating a better society.

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L’industrie de la finance peut-elle contribuer à une société meilleure ? Sir Bob Geldof, Gina Miller, Nev Hyman, Patrick Scheurle et d’autres intervenants prestigieux tenteront d’y répondre au SGG Crossroads


13 Avril 2018

Le groupe SGG, en collaboration avec Baker McKenzie, Deloitte, Carne et ING, organise une conférence exclusive qui se déroulera au Luxembourg le 26 juin 2018.

Cet événement unique, qui aura pour thème « Comment l’industrie de la finance peut-elle contribuer à une société meilleure ? », réunira 150 experts internationaux impliqués dans l’industrie des fonds alternatifs, parmi lesquels des gestionnaires d'actifs, juristes, banquiers, auditeurs et entrepreneurs.


Divers intervenants ont déjà confirmé leur présence :


  • Sir Bob Geldof : Membre de l’Africa Progress Panel œuvrant pour un développement équitable et durable en Afrique, il est aussi conseiller de ONE CAMPAIGN.


  • Gina Miller : Fondatrice de la société de gestion de fonds SCM Direct, activiste en matière de transparence et engagée en faveur de la souveraineté parlementaire sur la question du Brexit, elle soutient également l’idée d’un capitalisme conscient et la notion de triple performance.


  • Nev Hyman : Entrepreneur primé, il est aussi fondateur de NevHouse, une entreprise sociale durable construisant des logements, écoles et cabinets médicaux à bas prix à partir de plastiques recyclés.


  • Patrick Scheurle : CEO de BlueOrchard - gestionnaire d'investissements d’envergure internationale -, il publie divers ouvrages dans les domaines de la finance et de l’investissement d’impact. Il a également co-écrit « Small Money-Big Impact », édité chez NZZ Libro Verlag.


  • Roger Hartmann : membre des conseils de surveillance de Sqope SA —société leader dans la lutte contre le blanchiment d'argent— et de Label R, qui délivre la certification ESG mondiale aux fonds d’investissements en zones sensibles.


  • Serge Krancenblum : CEO de SGG et président de l’Investment Facilitation Forum, il œuvre pour la création de pôles facilitant l’investissement dans les pays émergents. Serge Krancenblum présidera la conférence.


Cet événement vise à mettre en avant le travail effectué par les acteurs du secteur financier, qui s'appliquent à offrir un environnement meilleur aux générations futures. Il constitue aussi l’occasion d’ouvrir un débat avec les leaders présents dans le public, venus remettre en question le statu quo et apporter des solutions pour un réel changement.


« SGG Crossroads va devenir un événement incontournable dans l’industrie de la finance qui vise à générer de véritables changements. Quelle fierté pour moi d’avoir su attirer des intervenants d'une telle qualité ! Certains ont déjà apporté des solutions internationalement reconnues dans leurs domaines de prédilection et j'ai hâte d’écouter leurs idées », se réjouit Serge Krancenblum, CEO de SGG.

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Sir Bob Geldof , Gina Miller, Nev Hyman, Patrick Scheurle and other prestigious speakers at SGG Crossroads event: Can the finance industry contribute to a better society?

13th of April 2018

SGG Group in collaboration with  Baker McKenzie, Deloitte, Carne and ING are organising a one-of-a-kind conference in Luxembourg on 26 June 2018.

This exclusive event will focus on how ‘the finance industry can contribute to a better society’. It will attract an international executive audience of 150 participants active in the alternative fund industry: asset managers as well as lawyers, bankers, auditors and entrepreneurs.


Confirmed speakers at the event are:


  • Sir Bob Geldof: Member of the Africa Progress Panel, which advocates for equitable and sustainable development in Africa, and adviser to the ONE CAMPAIGN.


  • Gina Miller: Founder of Fund Manager, SCM Direct, transparency activist and campaigner for Parliamentary sovereignty over Brexit, who also champions conscious capitalism and the principle of a triple bottom line.


  • Nev Hyman: Award-winning entrepreneur and Founder of NevHouse, sustainable social enterprise, which uses recycled plastic to create low cost homes, schools and medical clinics.


  • Patrick Scheurle: Chief Executive Officer of BlueOrchard,  a leading global impact investment manager. Patrick is a published writer in the fields of finance and impact investing and the co-author of the bestseller “Small Money – Big Impact” published by NZZ Libro Verlag.


  • Roger Hartmann: Member of the supervisory boards of Sqope SA, the leading AML reputation firm, and of Label R, the unique global ESG certification for funds investing in sensitive zones.


  • Serge Krancenblum: CEO of the SGG Group and Chairman of the Investment Facilitation Forum, promoting the investment hubs facilitating investments in emerging countries. Serge will chair the conference.


The objective of the event is to showcase the work done by actors of the financial sector in creating a better environment for future generations and to create a debate with the the leaders present in the audience to question the status quo and  come up with solutions that will make a real difference.


Commenting on the event, Serge Krancenblum, CEO of the SGG Group said:

“SGG Crossroads will be a ground-breaking event for the finance industry which is intended to drive real change. I am thrilled that we have attracted such an inspiring set of speakers, some of whom have already made a difference on the global stage in their respective fields, and I can’t wait to hear their ideas.”


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Johann Herz (+352) 35 68 77