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Good Busy, Bad Busy

Luxembourg, December, 11th 2019



The quest for efficiency and the gradual transformation of companies often come up against an unstoppable argument: all their employees are "busy", on the verge of burn-out. But on closer examination, however, some unnecessary and time-consuming activities can free up time to ensure the necessary adaptations to enable companies to remain competitive in 2020. Interview.


How do you define the concept of "Bad busy"?

We include all activities that do not allow employees to fulfill the mission indicated in their contract.  For example, a company's sales representative encodes business cards instead of calling its customers or sending a new campaign. The executive secretary who sorts 8 excel files to finalize the mailing list of an invitation or greeting card. 


What method do you use?

We start by identifying in the company that is "too busy". The one who works overtime or does not take a break at noon. Then we analyze these tasks over a given period of time. The previous week no example. Most of the time, we identify between 40 and 70% of "bad busy". 


And how do you replace them with "good busy"?

We use three main levers. First of all, technology, which often saves a lot of time. In many companies in Luxembourg, Excel remains the reference tool for many tasks while a CRM or an online collaborative system exists for a few euros per month.  Then outsourcing to colleagues or outsiders. For a small fee, employees can start working hard again on the tasks for which they were hired. And finally, reorganization: in small and large companies, management often plays an important role in the management of "Bad business".  It is often necessary to clearly formulate the objectives, deadlines, necessary means and organization of the team responsible for setting everything to music. 


What are the benefits of this method?

Transformation, by its very nature, creates anxiety. By removing the "Bad Busy", we are fighting against burn-out, releasing the energy needed to meet tomorrow's challenges and facilitating a culture of results-oriented collaboration. A client recently told me that he realized during the workshop that his team was behaving in the previous weeks like a rabbit frozen in front of the headlights of the car moving towards him, as the stress created by the new regulations and low interest rates impacted his company. At the end of the seminar, he felt that his team had formulated and shared a clear plan in which everyone has a role to play, one day after the other.



"Technology, outsourcing and reorganization increase good busy"  

 Jérôme Bloch, CEO of 360DigitalHeroes.


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