The Treasurer in an era of Digitalization:
Impact, Opportunities and Challenges



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Workshop I :


A. Advisory in an evolutive environment - DELOITTE

Unblock your payments chains with blockchain

Technology meets reality: blockchain technology is now a reality in the mainstream payments industry. Ripple, Stellar are changing the world of payments by reducing complexity, increasing security and bringing real-time execution (and monitoring) to their participants. The next revolution of Fintech is now and is available for Treasurers to challenge their current organization and processing.


B. Market monitoring, new regulations and constraints - THOMSON-REUTERS

Understanding the Treasury Impact of BEPS

Following the publication of the OECD’s final Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Action Plan in late 2015, multinational corporations (MNCs) around the world are working to understand the implications for their businesses. From increased reporting requirements, to more comprehensive transfer pricing documentation such as robust benchmarking analysis, the implementation of BEPS will impact corporate treasurers in numerous ways. Join the Thomson Reuters workshop to better understand the next BEPS’ challenges.


C. Controls and offering efficiency - TRIOPTIMA

Optimising efficiency under ever increasing OTC derivatives regulation (EMIR, Basel III,…)

  • Making light of risk mitigation requirements

  • Reporting and ensuring accurate data

  • Cheaper trading through collateralisation

  • Corporate Case Study


D. Digital nomadism and cyber risks - DATALOG

Every treasurer wants to be connected 24/7, with several devices. However, it could generates risks

In the digital era, in which we are living, developments happen at a very fast pace. As an organization you need to make sure that your treasury is connected 24/7 to be extremely fast reacting. Nevertheless, this requested IT agility could cause cyber risks. Eventually, what are the solutions to combine security with efficiency and fast reaction speed?


E. Digital-augmented treasury - BGL BNP PARIBAS

From fraud mitigation to account administration, and from everywhere treasury to instant payments

The latest digital wave brings both new threats and new opportunities: partial automation and centralization have created new fraud challenges; bank account administration can now become less of a burden; travel is no longer incompatible with treasury oversight; and payments become instant. Explore the latest market trends and discover how digital-augmented treasury is changing the lives of Corporate Practitioners, both today and tomorrow.

F. Multibank connectivity and community-inspired solutions for a compliance - SWIFT Corporates and Compliance – avoid fines and reputational damage

Action against corporates by financial regulators demonstrating they are widening their focus and bringing corporates into the world of financial crime compliance is well documented. Non-compliance can attract heavy fines and the risk of reputational damage which would be considered reckless, at the best. There are a number of ways in which corporates can address the issue of regulatory compliance, learn from the financial industry and incorporate financial crime compliance into the day-to-day management of their business.

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Same sessions than Workshop I


19:00 : 19:45

Plenary Sessions

  • Thomson Reuters: “How to best manage KYC under new regulations and market constraints”

  • Deloitte: “Beyond payments: How digital is revolutionizing the entire value chain of the treasurer”

  • Wrap-up on Digitalization Impacts on Corporate Treasurers with Hugues Pirotte, Professor of Finance, Solvay BS ULB and FinMetrics SA

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