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Programme ATEL Annual Conference:


How to Face the Evolving and Challenging Environment for Corporate Treasurers?


The program consists in four (4) parts: 2 rounds of workshops, a plenary session and a walking dinner.
You must order a ticket for each part in order to be duly registered and facilitate our logistics.
No other form will be accepted.


5:00 pm  1st round of workshops - Please register only to one of the following workshops

  • A. Being a treasurer today: technician, controller or business partner? - KPMG

  • B. Virtual cash management - ING LUXEMBOURG

  • C. European Money Market Fund reform: where do we stand? - AMUNDI

  • D. Financial Process Automation in your ERP - HANSE ORGA


6.00pm: 2nd round of workshops (same as above) - Please register to a second choice (only one)


6.50pm: Plenary session

  • KPMG: impact of OECD and EU Tax policy over treasury activites: interest limitation rules, treaty abuses and withholding taxes

  • ING LUXEMBOURG: Sustainable Finance


7.00pm: Cocktail


8.00pm : Walking Dinner - The dinner is available to ATEL members with prior written confirmation. Attendance to the dinner is free of charge for all ATEL members. For non-ATEL members who want to join the dinner please apply for membership on The ATEL membership will give you free access to the dinner and to all other ATEL events for 2017 and 2018.



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