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Press Release

The outsiders celebrate their

20th anniversary

Luxembourg, January, 24th 2020

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"By combining design-sprint, consulting and innovation, we believe there's a segment to be taken internationally"

Jérôme Bloch, PDG 360Crossmedia

360Crossmedia celebrates its 20th anniversary, one year after opening its first concept store in Luxembourg. The brand is well known in the Grand Duchy, but many are discovering the details of 360Crossmedia's activities as it extends its services beyond the financial sector.​

Can you present 360Crossmedia's activities in a few words? 

We are structured around 3 poles: first the communication agency, specialized in design-sprints. With this powerful and participative technique, we create websites, brochures, videos, magazines and event concepts in 3 hours or 1 day. Then the accredited training centre, which offers high-impact training around 7 main themes including leadership, human resources and communication. The last department focuses on innovation, with different apps and the 360Box which allows to produce corporate videos without editing, for 10€ and less.


Your company is celebrating its 20th anniversary, but you still call yourself 'Outsider'. Why do you call yourself 'Outsider'?

I arrived in Luxembourg in 1995 as a Golf Pro and discovered an Eldorado for entrepreneurs. This allowed me to realise my dream - to create a communication agency - from scratch. From the very beginning, I felt that the raison d'être of such a company was its ability to offer an alternative to Luxembourg agencies such as Mikado, Binsfeld or Comed. We adopted an outsider's stance on the assumption that if we were Luxembourgish, we would, as a matter of principle, choose an agency in the Grand Duchy. To break through, we were doomed to be faster, cheaper, better or all three at once! This stimulated our creativity: we created renowned business magazines: Andy, Duke and China. Then we continued with hundreds of free corporate magazines produced in 3 hours; innovative digital solutions such as MyOfficialStory; corporate videos at €10 with the 360Box; unlikely projects such as the book "Luxembourg mon Amour", the "Vendanges Luxembourgeoises" on rue Philippe II or the "Hole in One Challenge" on Place de la Constitution. We owe this creative fury to the fact that we have never accepted to slip into our comfort zone despite our continued success over the last 20 years.

How do you see the future of the firm?

The second dimension of our "Outsider" side is that since our inception, we have been constantly looking abroad. We serve clients in 6 countries, through our 3-hour or one-day workshops on the one hand, and through a very digital approach to our agency business on the other. The opening of our concept store in Bonnevoie paves the way: we want to open one in several other major cities to enable companies of all sizes to communicate effectively, quickly and at a competitive price. For example, in Luxembourg we already offer video interviews for 150€ in our studio and projects completed in one hour. We think this is the future. The big agencies that serve you champagne, take 2 weeks to make an offer and send you a proposal with one zero too many go bankrupt one after the other. By combining design-sprint, consulting and innovation, we think there is a segment to be taken. We intend to occupy it!

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Since 2000, 360DigitalHeroes has been supporting hundreds of companies in their digital transformation and we help them accelerate their growth with top quality solutions, delivered quickly and at a fair price.


"Effective collaboration and a no-nonsense approach turn teams into heroes !"



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